TNEL goes to EMBC 2016

You might have been wondering where I've been. Well between updating our new lab website: And submitting publishable work to both IEEE and SfN, research life has been busy... and silent.

I'm happy to announce that the Translational Neuroengineering Lab at UC San Diego is publishing 4 conference papers and presenting the work on them at the 38th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. I'm still figuring out how to post my research results on here without breaking any copyright agreements, but live presentations of the works can be found over the next 3 day!

That daily schedule is as follows:

  • Wednesday, August 17 2016:
    • Decoding Speech Using the Timing of Neural Signal Modulation (poster)
      • Presenter: Tejaswy Pailla
      • Time: 1700 - 1900, WePT1
    • Hidden-Markov Factor Analysis As a Spatiotemporal Model for Electrocorticography (poster)
      • Presenter: Akinyinka Omigbodun
      • Time: 1700 - 1900, WePT1
      • Bonus "Ignite" session from 1530 - 1700
  • Thursday, August 18 2016:
    • Neural Correlates to Automatic Behavior Estimations from RGB-D Video in Epilepsy Unit (talk)
      • Presenter: Paolo Gabriel
      • Time: 1100, ThBT14
    • A Clinic Compatible, Open Source Electrophysiology System (poster)
      • Presenter: John Hermiz
      • Time: 1700 - 1900, ThPT2
  • Friday, August 19 2016:
    • ECoG Data Analyses to Inform Closed-Loop BCI Experiments for Speech-Based Prosthetic Applications
      • Presenter: Tejaswy Pailla
      • Time: 0800, FrAT14

See you all there!


Paolo Gabriel is a graduate student at University of California, San Diego. He is obtaining his PhD by conducting research with the Translational Neuroengineering Lab.